I saw you first in school
about 6 months ago
In the cafe.

I think…
You looked like no one
I had ever seen before

I have searched
A lot of info
about you
from the Internet

I don’t think it’s healthy
In fact I should stop
And seek help
Psychological help

But I’m over it
It’s in my power
To control myself
To control my mind

But I know
That I’m flawed
You deserve better
You deserve perfect

I make no illusions
You probably don’t even know me
And I don’t want you to know me
At least not for now

In school I pretend not to know you
You wouldn’t want to know me anyway
There really isn’t any point
There’s no reason

Love is only chemicals in people’s heads
And I’ve even learned to control it
It’s like a endless loop
But there is a way

The exit appears
If a person thinks on the bad sides
Of the loved one
And realizes that these are the bad sides

Mostly they don’t realize that
But if they do, a portal to reality appears
Because the instinct of self-preservation
is stronger…

I’m in the world of insanity
Performing experiments on my mind

Heh.. ok.. luuletajaks ma ei saa lolz.. aga vähemalt sain ennast kuidagi väljendada… Selle jama üle naeran juba homme arvatavasti… 😛
Tegelikult peaks siia vähem kirjutama… üks aasta tuleb veel ilma hulluks minemata hakkama saada.. 😛

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