Demo DOWNLOAD available
1. February 2012
Our first version (demo) of the game can now be download from The page is in Estonian, you can also use a direct download link
Video from a pre-presentation in December
22. January 2012
A video from a pre-presentation, that took place in December, can now be watched from the following link:
Sohni starts around 18:10.
First trailer
15. December 2011
We completed the first promo trailer. Trailer is in Estonian and can be seen from the video page. Trailer was made by Rauno Kiss and we got a lot of positive feedback from the presentation in the university.
Title screen
Title screen
Crone's den
Crone's den

Sohni: Another Journey to the Underworld, based on a chapter of the Estonian national epic Kalevipoeg, uses traditional adventure gaming elements to offer a simplified yet still engaging artistic experience. The player guides the protagonist Sohni through gloomy forests, murky bogs and eerie caves, where every obstacle and decision might sway his will to push onward.

  • 24. January 2012
  • 16. December 2011
  • 21. November 2011
  • 24. October 2011
  • 1. October 2011


Project and design
Erich Erstu
Project lead, engine
Raimond Tunnel
Design, script, story
Mikk Pristavka
Aleksander Erstu
Art lead, background art, sprites
Timo Kallaste
3D art, items
Heiki Arge
Background art
Script and programming
Rauno Kiss
Script, video
Allan Trukits
Tauri Vahar
Karl Nagel
Music, composer
Game is based on the Estonian national epic Kalevipoeg.
Mart Anderson's font Sulane is used throughout the game.
On the picture (from the left): Aleksander Erstu, Karl Nagel, Mikk Pristavka, Erich Erstu, Timo Kallaste, Raimond Tunnel, Rauno Kiss
Erich Erstu
Raimond Tunnel